Two Female
Born March 4, 2024
Ready for home by May 6th

Mary is 8 weeks old and looking for her forever home.  Mary comes from amazing bloodlines.  Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about Mary 

SOLD 5/24/2024


4 –  puppies. 3 males, 1 female.  Available August 10th.  Excepting deposits now 

3 female puppies available August 7th.  Excepting deposits now

Our puppies are set to join their forever families by May 6th, at 9 weeks old, after receiving essential vaccinations and deworming treatments. Each comes with a comprehensive package: a written contract with health guarantees, Puppy Temperament testing, AKC registration, micro-chip registration, vet checkup, and initial shots. They’ve begun puppy kindergarten for foundational training. Priced at $4000 by 9 weeks old for a companion, and crate training basics introduced by 10 weeks. To secure a puppy, a non-refundable $500 deposit and signed contract are required. Payments via Venmo accepted. Reach out through our contact page for further details and contracts.


A red and black male German Shepherd is a strikingly handsome canine, combining the regal presence of a traditional German Shepherd with a unique and captivating coloration. His coat is a harmonious blend of rich red hues intermingled with bold black markings, creating a tapestry of color that sets him apart from his peers.

With a strong and muscular build, he embodies the athleticism and strength that are characteristic of the German Shepherd breed. His proud stance and confident demeanor convey a sense of power and authority, yet his expression is softened by the warmth and intelligence gleaming in his eyes.

Despite his imposing appearance, he is known for his gentle and affectionate nature, forming deep bonds with his family and showing unwavering loyalty and devotion to those he loves. With his striking red and black coat and his steadfast loyalty, the red and black male German Shepherd is a true embodiment of strength, beauty, and companionship.

 Griz’s International Pedigree

Date of Birth: August 8th, 2019

Health Certified: Hips are good; Elbows are normal; and he is DM clear.



An all-black German Shepherd female exudes an air of elegance and strength with her sleek, obsidian fur. Her coat is glossy and smooth, reflecting a subtle sheen under the light. Standing tall and proud, she possesses the classic German Shepherd physique, with a muscular build and a noble bearing.

In her movements, she is graceful and agile, with a natural athleticism that is characteristic of her breed. Whether she is trotting alongside her owner with an effortless grace or standing watch with unwavering vigilance, her presence commands attention and respect.

Despite her imposing appearance, she is known for her gentle and loyal nature, forming strong bonds with her family and displaying unwavering loyalty and affection towards them. With her striking beauty and unwavering loyalty, the all-black German Shepherd female is a true embodiment of strength, grace, and companionship.

 Jetta’s International Pedigree

Date of Birth: July 28th, 2020

Health Certified: Hips are good; Elbows are Normal; and she is DM Clear.

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Puppy 1

Puppy 2

Puppy 3